try! Swift — day 2

I’ve decided to take a bit different approach of summarising what happened during second day of conference. It’s because almost every presentation screams with:

Protocol Oriented Programming is here, use it!

So various different usages of POP over the networking, demos with extensions over Core Data, basically everything you can imagine written on protocols and extended afterwards. That means essential part of second day was this

And this one afterwards.

Like it or not, OOP will still be here, but every single new line of code should / will be protocol oriented.

Talks discussing something else than POP:

  • Tom Oliver suggested using.. well.. POP (yeah, there are just few words in IT world.) This POP’s Facebook animation library that makes your motion life easier (thanks to fact you don’t have to syncing CALayer properties). 
    And that new XCode Beta does gesture recognizers in Playground.
  • Rachel Bobbins tried to apply “Design of Everyday Things” to Swift development and succeeded.
  • Novall Khan had a nice talk about using LLDB with swift compiler, how to set breakpoints directly from command line and how to customise behaviour for debugging objects (for more see CustomDebugStringConvertible)
    And for mac dev beginners, yes that’s LLDB that is written on terminal during your app runs 😉

Also I’d like to mention a presentation tip — it’s very difficult for listener to read all 22 lines of small code with different colours pasted on presentation slide in a few seconds. When presenting code, please show your audience minimal context that serves for demonstrating problem / solution. And don’t hurry. Tell 50% less, but keep your audience on track. I believe that all speakers here are true professionals, that’s no doubt. But spectators are not always in mood to scan small presented code in 10 seconds, realising all consequences behind. Thanks 🙂